Personal Safety Hints

• Always park your car under a light

• Get your keys out before you leave your destination

• Check underneath your car

• Never park next to a van

• Know your surroundings and stay off your cell phone and be alert

• Always let the people who are showing you their home walk before you

• Carry a whistle or mace with you at all times

• When unsure about a person you are with look them straight in the eyes

• If you find yourself in a horrible situation, make yourself as disgusting as possible

• Use your elbow or knees when in danger, anything to get you a second to escape

• Always know your possible exits

• Carry your cell phone with you

• Make sure someone always knows where you are

• Give out the least amount of information about yourself that is necessary

• Make locking your doors your first priority in your car an house

• You are alway safer in a crowded area

• Trust your instincts

• Never become complacent and comfortable

• Always have a plan

• Keep a conversation, people are less likely to harm you when they get to know you on a personal level or have something in common with you

• If you have to yell, don't just yell help, let people know where you are and what is going on

• If you find yourself in a situation where you are being taken, drop as many items as you can to leave a trail

• Don't walk or run at night if you can help it

• Use any hard item you can find and aim for the groin area, stomach, knees, or head

• If your car breaks down you are always safer in the car then outside of it

• Have confidence in yourself, criminals target people who they think will be easy

• If you ever have to call the police, the most important information to get out is your location

• It is always harder to catch a moving target, when running move in different directions

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